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Topik ini sangat sederhana tapi sering sekali kita lupakan. Hayo, siapa di antara kamu yang suka menyepelekan penggunaan huruf kapital?

Ada setidaknya 9 aturan kapan kita harus menggunakan huruf kapital. Mungkin aturan yang sama berlaku dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. Kata pertama dalam kalimat. e.g. “We went to the cinema last night.”; “They are often late.”; “The house looks so big.”
  2. Nama orang. “We met Andrew at the beach yesterday.”; “They don’t know Rizky that well.”; “Where is Ayu?”; “That’s Ian.”
  3. Gelar yang digunakan bersamaan dengan nama orang. e.g. “We like Professor (Prof.) Rizky’s class.”; “She’s meeting Doctor (Dr.) Ayu.”
  4. Nama bulan, hari, hari libur. e.g. “He was born in May.”; “We usually have our weekly meeting on Tuesday.”; “Merry Christmas!”
  5. Nama tempat: kota, propinsi/ negara bagian, negara, benua, laut, danau, sungai, gurun, gunung, sekolah, jalan, gedung, dll. e.g. “They’re from Italy.”; “India is in Asia.”; “Mount Jayawijaya is in Papua.”; “He goes to University of Indonesia.”
  6. Nama mata kuliah/ mata pelajaran. e.g. “I’m taking Biochemistry this semester.”; “Oh no, I will have an English test tomorrow!”
  7. Nama bahasa dan kebangsaan. e.g. “Do you speak Mandarin?”; “They speak Javanese.”; “We are Indonesian.”; “She’s German.”
  8. Nama agama. e.g. “Some of the major religions in the world are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, & Christianity.”; “Ayu is a Moslem.”
  9. Pronoun/ kata ganti “I”. Ingat, penulisan “I” selalu menggunakan huruf kapital. e.g. “Yesterday was the last time I met him.”


  1. There are many volcanic mountains in Indonesia. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  2. I live at jalan sudirman 5. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  3. She is a devoted christian. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  4. I think calculus is the most difficult course I’m taking this term. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  5. Some professors in our university are American graduates. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  6. My father and i used to go fishing at the sea. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  7. we never knew where he lived until he told us. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  8. Are you from Surabaya? Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  9. They had the chance to travel in europe when they studied in Netherlands. Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?
  10. Have you ever met john smith before? Correct (C)/ incorrect (I)?



  1. C
  2. I (Jalan Sudirman)
  3. I (Christian)
  4. I (Calculus)
  5. C
  6. I (I)
  7. I (We)
  8. C
  9. I (Europe)
  10. I (John Smith)

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